Archery Games Denver is the action-packed experience that is fun for ages 7 and up. Sometimes called "Archery Dodgeball", two teams battle it out with bows and foam-tipped arrows from opposite sides of the arena. Tag all of the opposing players with arrows to eliminate them from the game and win!

Archery Games is physical and intense (dress for the gym!), but fear not – our archery games are designed with player safety as our number 1 priority! Our arrows are specially engineered to leave no bruises or marks, and masks are required at all times in the arena to protect the eyes.


The Ultimate Archery Games Arena

Our facility is specifically designed to be the ultimate Archery Games arena. Our climate controlled indoor facility feactures a 3,300 square foot playing field. A separate practice range allows you to fine tune your skills before the action starts.
All of our games are overseen by a trained referee. When the whistle blows, players race to the middle, retrieve the arrows, and start firing!


Every Archery Games session begins with 15 minutes on our practice range. We provide all of the equipment and our trained instructors will teach you everything you need to know. 

Engineered for safety

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, our arrows have undergone extensive safety tests, strain calculations and material checks. First used for "Live Action Role Playing", they've had over 10 years of safe use around the world. Each arrow combines an injection molded pressure distributor with multiple layers of foam to safety distribute and absorb the force of the arrow. 

8 GAME TYPES tailored to your Group

We start with a game we affectionately call Zombie Apocalypse... players are never actually out, they merely cross over to the other side and keep firing! Designed to introduce new players to the game, this game gets everyone using the bows and arrows in the arena and ready for the real competition. 
We then mix it up with 7 additional game types: Elimination, Fireball, Dog Eat Dog, Medic, Engineer... we'll choose the right games to optimize the experience for your group.



/per player

REGULAR SESSION (75 min): All equipment, training, target practice and fully-refereed game play including a mix of up to 8 game types



/per session

PRIVATE GAME (75 min) For up to 20 players Includes: All equipment, training, target practice and fully-refereed game play including a mix of up to 8 game types Have a private game for only your group in the arena


We offer Regular Sessions where you can book into one of our public games and join other players.

Private Games are available if you would like to reserve the entire arena for your group.

See our Corporate Events section for private weekday pricing.